For bookings and inquires, please email or
call Anna at 416-554-7079

Cash and Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa) payments accepted
a $100 non-refundable deposit is required for all microblading bookings

Mobile services are available for an additional $100.

Procedure #1: Microblading, $500
2-3hr appointment. Includes brow consultation (done at the same time), creating your perfect brow shape, numbing cream, an aftercare coconut/grapeseed oil (for you to take home!), and your first touch up after 4-6 weeks.

Procedure #2: Your first touch up, FREE!
1-2 hr appointment. This is where we fill in anything that has healed too lightly or even darken up the brows. This appointment must be done no later than 6 weeks after Procedure #1. Your brows are not considered ‘finished’ until you’ve done Procedure #2.

Additional Touch Ups, $100
1-2hr appointment. If you still need an additional touch-up after Procedure #2… but you won’t!

*Brow Maintenance, $250
2hr appointment. This appointment is exactly like Procedure #1 and is done after a year or two of your initial appointment. Your brows will fade out and you’ll need a touch up, or maybe you’d like to try a fuller brow? ;)

Patch Testing, $50
30min appointment. If you have allergies to dye or metals, and unsure of how your skin will react. Conducted behind the ear. Wait 24-48hrs for a reaction…. I’m confident you won’t have one, though!

*Brow Maintenance appointments are only for returning Lashes & Lipstick clients. New clients that have had their brows previously tattoo’d by another technician are required to book a Procedure #1 appointment.