You’re interested in Microblading but you may have some questions! Here are a list of Frequently Asked Questions that may help you with your decision. Please feel free to contact me with further questions if anything has gone unanswered.

Will Microblading look fake?
Microblading offers the most natural looking results in semi-permanent makeup. We create fine, hair-like strokes that mimic your natural eyebrow hairs.

Does the Microblading procedure hurt?
I take every precaution to ensure your comfort. A topical anesthetic is applied before and during your procedure. Please do not take OTC meds like Advil, as it acts as a blood thinner.

How long is the healing process?
Your brows will be fully healed and ready for a touch-up after 4 weeks. During the first few days you may feel discomfort such as itching but within a week or two, your brows will fade and soften to a more natural look.

Does Microblading fade?
Yes. This is a semi-permanent tattoo. Over time our skin changes and so will the semi-permanent tattoo. This process could take 1-3 years depending on your skin type, age, or the way you have taken care of them. Touch-ups are easily done as colour fades over time.

Are the pigments you use safe?
The pigments are made with vegetable dyes and totally safe. If you are unsure of any allergies, for an addtional fee, we can provide a patch test behind the ear.

How long does Microblading take?
Microblading requires time and precision. It could take up to 2hrs

When will I see the final results?
You’ll notice the results immediately but the final results will be visible after the healing process is completed. Up to one month.

What if I’m unsatisfied with the results?
The great thing about Microblading is that it is semi-permanent. That means you have some flexibility in changing color, and shape to a certain degree.
Please be aware that healing time is different for everyone and that for the first couple of weeks your brows will appear 40% darker but with patience, the initial color will fade.

How do you decide my brow shape and color?
This is something we do together. I will map out your eyebrow to what I would suggest to be a desired shape to your face, and we can tweak it accordingly. You will also get to see the color of the brow in advanced. I usually give you 2-3 shades to choose from!

Are there any side effects during or after Microblading?
Your eyebrows may be red, irritated, itchy, and slightly swollen. Bruising may sometimes occur but this is normal. You may experience some bleeding during the procedure – this is also normal!

Can I still do Cosmetic Injections?
We recommend waiting one month after cosmetic injections to get microbladed, and 2 weeks after microblading to get cosmetic injections.

Can I get Microbladed if I am pregnant or nursing?
Nope! But congratulations – I’d love to see you after your pregnancy or when you’re done nursing :)

How do I take care of my new Microbladed eyebrows?
You will be provided detailed After Care Instructions at your appointment but the gist of it is to apply coconut/grape seed oil to your brows whenever they start to feel tight, don’t put your face directly into the shower stream while you’re bathing, and not to pick/scratch off the flakes as it is part of the normal healing process.

Is Microblading sanitary?
Absolutely! A new blade is opened right in front of your eyes, latex-free gloves are worn throughout the entire procedure, and everything else is sterilized using medical grade sterilization equipment and liquids.

Are you mobile?
Yes! For an additional fee, I can come to you. I just need room for my table, equipment, and rolling chair.