For Beloved Girl; For The Millennial Woman

For Beloved One introduces For Beloved Girl, a new brand with a range of mineral-based, cloud, silk masks.

Launched in May 2017, For Beloved Girl was developed for millennial women in search of high-quality, mid-priced skincare. For Beloved Girl has a collection of cloud silk masks, which carry formulations of mineral such as copper, iron, and zinc to target major skin concerns.

For Beloved Girl mineral mask collection contains 6 masks that target different skin concerns.
Minerals are lost daily and most skin issues, such as dullness, dryness, and aging, stem from mineral deficiencies.
One mask is equivalent of 1.88 bottles of mineral spring water spray – that’s incredible!

The For Beloved Girl mineral mask collection utilizes a mask carrier call cloud-silk. It’s crafted from top-grade cotton; cloud-silk is transparent and has a high-degree of elasticity making it easy to completely cover our face. The ultra-fine cotton fibers lock in more serum, allowing it to penetrate deep within the skin.

I’ve used two masks thus far and they were both soft, smooth, and feel like my own skin – I love them!

If any of the following skin concerns sound familiar to you, you can purchase 3/$12.99 CAD at T&T locations nationwide!

  • For Beloved Girl Extreme Moisture
    concern: extreme dry skin
    key ingredient: hyaluronic acid
  • For Beloved Girl Skin Renewal
    concern: oily skin or pore issues
    key ingredient: calcium lactate
  • For Beloved Girl Flawless Brightening
    concern: dull, uneven skin tone
    key ingredient: ferric citrate
  • For Beloved Girl Puff Elimination
    concern: puffy skin and eyes
    key ingredient: potassium chloride
  • For Beloved Girl Tea Tree Oil Control
    concern: oily skin, excess sebum
    key ingredient: tea tree oil
  • For Beloved Girl Active Resilience Youth
    concern: aging skin and fine lines
    key ingredient: zinc gluoconate