Summer Treats for Your Body(cology)

Treat your body to delicious, creamy vanilla treats from Bodycology. Mists, Body Cream, or a Body Wash – take your pick!

All 3 of these products have made it into my shower routine.

Lather up your body with Bodycology Moisturizing Bath Wash. I put a dollop of product on my loofah and scrub away! I love it’s sweet scent. It’s not overpowering but is light, floral, and girly.

After the shower, I moisturize my body with Bodycology Moisturizing Body Cream. I smoothe it over my skin and my body just drinks up the shea, coco, and jojoba butters. Leaves my skin deliciously scented without a trace of grease or stickiness.

Top it off with Bodycology Fragrance Mist. Truthfully, I put this into my gym bag that way I still smell good and fresh after a shower at the gym. This scent also isn’t too strong and because it’s a mist, it doesn’t last all day but it’s a nice refresher!

Each of these Bodycology Treats are available at Walmart for $6.97 CDN each.