Earth Kiss (My Face)

I LOVE a good mud mask, sheet mask, peel off mask – whatever!

I’ve been testing out a few Earth Kiss masks and really wanted to write about this one because I quite enjoyed it.

These masks are a steal at only $2.99 each, available at Rexall, PharmaPlus, and Whole Foods.

This particular mask is the Purify Mud Mask with Glacial Mud and White Tea. It’s a pore cleanser. This mask is 100% natural containing fruit, plant, and herb ingredients. There’s also 85 micronutrients for optimal vitality of the skin.
In this particular Earth Kiss Mask, there’s glacial mud, spearmint, white tea, and himalayan shilajit.

I cleansed my face and applied a thick layer over my skin, avoiding my eyes. I left it on for 20 minutes.
As soon as I cut open the package, I could smell the spearmint. If you know me, you know I love anything mint so I was really happy with the scent.
Immediately after application, I noticed it was tingling my skin but also felt cooling. As the mask dried, it tingled less and got tighter. It cracks if you move your face but it doesn’t crumble so there’s no mess!

After 20 minutes, I wiped it off with an Eco Tools Polishing Facial Cloth (a review for another day!). I wet it with warm water and wiped it off my face. I found this to be the less messy route and I didn’t get the mask into my hair lol
After washing it off, my face felt kind of numb but smooth and exfoliated.

Overall, I feel like these masks are so great to pamper your skin with once a week.

I’d love to know your favourite type of mask. Leave a comment below!