Skin Care Love: DECIEM Hylamide Booster C25

If you haven’t already heard of DECIEM – The Abnormal Beauty Company, you need to check them out. They have several lines under their umbrella, from low prices to very reasonable, higher-ish prices for the quality of product you’re getting. They keep costs low by using minimalist type packages.

One brand under the DECIEM umbrella is Hylamide. I recently purchased two products from this line.Today, I’m focusing on the Hylamide Booster C25. This was a recommendation from a client. Her skin was glowing and I had to know her secret.

Hylamide Booster C25 targets dullness, uneven skin tones, irregular textures, and fine lines.


  • 25% pure ethyl-abscorbic acid (vitamin C) encourages an even, smooth, glowing complexion
  • Pre-solubilized Resorcinol Complex offers bright looking skin and acts as a powerful antioxidant

I use Hylamide Booster C25 twice a day, morning and night. Just a couple drops massaged into my skin before any moisturizers or makeup.
It’s not oily, sticky, greasy, or leaves any type of film. Instantly, my skin appears smoother, more even, and brighter but still matte – if that makes sense!

Hylamide Booster C25 water-free. alcohol-free, oil-free, silicone-free, nut-free, cruelty-free, and vegan.
I feel like this would work well on most skin types. It doesn’t physically stay on the skin so it won’t clog your pores, which is why I’m thinking it’ll work on sensitive/acne-prone skin.
Alcohol-free means it won’t dry out your skin so this wouldn’t hurt dry skin, either.
It’ll mattify oily skin so it’d be good for oily skin, too.
I have normal skin and it’s working well for me with no issues.
If i am wrong about this, please correct me in the comments!:)

DECIEM Hylamide Booster C25 is available for $38 CAD at any DECIEM location or online, here