GOOMEE The Markless Hair Loops

GOOMEE has seriously changed how many time and how long I can wear a ponytail for. I am absolutely obsessed and have been recommending these left, right, and centre.

(for reference, I have fine hair but a lot of it!)

GOOMEE compared to regular hair ties:

  • doesn’t leave marks or creases in my hair;
  • doesn’t give me a headache;
  • doesn’t break my hair;
  • leaves my hair feeling secure because of it’s strong grip

GOOMEE are made from synthetic resin, so it doesn’t absorb bacteria and dirt. They’re water-resistant and easy to clean.

Overtime, they do stretch out but if you just blow dry them, they’ll return to their normal size. These loops are created quite small, specifically to distribute an uneven pressure.

GOOMEE Are available in a variety of shades, including clear (pictured above), black, browns, and blondes, and fun colors, like the 3 pictured above, and peach, green, and red.

I buy my GOOMEE’s from a private distributor that I buy supplies off of but you can find them in salons around the city and the GTA, as well as on amazon, and


  • Miki Nyckel

    I’m also obsessed with these hair coils (though I don’t think I’ve bought the Gomee brand yet). I literally threw out all my other pony tails (including those tie band types, and I loved those before I found the coil types!) excluding the little clear ones for updos, and scrunchies for sleeping. I use scrunchies for bed because I do actually find that I get indents from the coil ones, but otherwise they are my go to! I use nothing else on the daily. I wholly support this post! 😆😆

    • Anna L

      Glad you love them too!!!