Belle Must Be Pampering Herself With Yardley London’s English Rose Collection

Happy Beauty and The Beast release Day! Are you excited as I am? My girlfriends and I are heading out for my birthday and we’re watching the new Disney release. Growing up, Beauty and The Beast (along with Aladdin) was my all time favourite Disney movie so needless today, I’m excited it’s releasing today – on my birthday!


This Yardley London English Rose Collection definitely reminds me of the infamous Rose in the movie – I imagine it to smell exactly like this collection.
Each product  has a light, refreshing, floral scent with hints of sparkling citrus, lemon, and bergamot.

There are 6 products in Yardley London’s English Rose Collection.

English Rose Moisturizing Body Wash, $9.99 CDN

a rich, creamy lather that cleanses the skin, leaving it soft and silky! It contains rose water, shea butter, and natural oils to fight against aging.

English Rose Moisturizing Body Lotion, $9.99 CDN
This lotion feels light on the skin and is easily absorbed. I wouldn’t consider this super hydrating but it does leave your skin smelling pretty and girly!

English Rose Eau du Toilette, $18.99 CDN
My favourite product in the collection! It’s really light and for an eau du toilette, pretty long lasting. This is the perfect scent for spring.

English Rose Luxury Soap, $18.99
Admittedly, I don’t use bar soaps for anything. I feel like they breed so much bacteria. It’s definitely a personal choice. On that note, these soap bars are luxurious and creamy with a delicate scent. Perfect for your guest bathroom or powder room!

Also included in this collection, that I haven’t tried, is a body mist and a perfumed talc.

  • Miki Nyckel

    Sorry but I just had to add my two cents. 😉 Soap technically does not kill off bacteria, but it certainly does not breed it or contain it. The function of soap is to rinse squeaky clean, it will literally wash everything off your skin. or items to be washed. It doesn’t hold on to much of anything. It’s no bother to me if you don’t like soap. 🙂 I just wanted to clarify a bit of an inaccuracy there. I just found your blog thanks to CBB, and I’m enjoying it your content. Thanks!

    • Anna L

      Thank you for clarifying… and reading.. and commenting!! :)