Acure Body Lotion Is So Smooth, You’ll Think It’s Hitting On You

I’m back with another Acure Organics product! I’m really loving this line of vegan and cruelty-free skin & body care products.

I don’t know if it’s because of the winter weather, or the fact that I sit by a heater a lot, but my lower legs are so flaky and dry that nothing is saving them – not even regular exfoliation.
I started using Acure Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion daily and although my legs are still kind of flaky, they feel super moisturized and the skin doesn’t feel so tight after I massage this Acure body lotion into my skin.

Acure Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion is made with cocoa butter, primrose, and argan oil. My legs stay smooth with regular use but get a bit scaly throughout the day.

At night time, I like to apply a thick layer and just let it soak in. Kind of like a mask for my legs!

Acure Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion is fragrance-free for those of you that are sensitive to perfumes.

There are 4 types of Acure Body Lotions and each are $9.99CDN for 8oz, available online at