REVIEW: Marcelle Universal Eyebrow Pen

Cost: $13.99 CDN
Available at: London Drugs and other Marcelle retailers

Marcelle Universal Eyebrow Pen is a felt-tipped marker for your eyebrows. The tip is stiff, slanted, and dispense product exactly like a liquid eyeliner.

marcelleuniversalbrowpenmarcelleuniversalbrowpen3I thought this would be too harsh for brows but it’s actually quite natural and it’s waterproof! I love me some waterproof brows :)

The Universal Eyebrow Pen is available in Universal Light and Universal Dark. The shade I’m wearing is Universal Light

brow not filled in

brow not filled in

brow filled in using Universal Light

brow filled in using Universal Light

Have you tried using brow pens before? Leave me a comment!

  • Ashley McKernan

    So polished!

  • Natalie Heather

    Awesome! I love how it makes your brow look.

    • Anna L

      Me too! So natural :)

  • FunnyFace Beauty

    Definitely curious to try this but I just learned how to use an eyebrow pencil (a little late, I know). Not sure if I’m ready to graduate to a pen :p

    • Anna L

      Try it! I promise it’s easy to use