Urban Decay: Build Your Own Palette!

Earlier this year, 5 amazing beauty bloggers were invited to the UD HQ for a secret, exclusive reason.
That reason was released earlier this week. Temptalia, xsparkage, FrmHeadToToe, Kandee Johnson, and Refinery29 were invited to the UD HQ for a sneak peek of UD’s eyeshadow revamp, and create their own palette which will be featured on the Urban Decay website.

There are 68 shades in this new collection. Some are new, some are favourites, and some were exclusive to certain palettes.
The eyeshadows were created with a new, smoother, more pigmented formula and they are packed in a new, sleek casing with a pop-out feature so you can add it to a palette. This new UD palette comes with 6 slots, a new brush, a full-size mirror on the lid, and a new eyeshadow called Walk of Shame.

Now that you’ve got the jist of things, click on the bloggers’ names below to see what colors they chose for their palette!

Kandee Johnson

Palettes and eyeshadows are $18USD each.
Will you be making your own palette?

In other news…

If your favourite shade was discontinued, here are some UD Dupes. If you loved…

  • Kiddie Pool, try the new Haight or Shattered
  • Goddess, try Evidence or Loaded
  • Dashiki, try Radium or Haight
  • Mary Jane, try S&M or Peace + Shattered
  • Strip, try S&M or Hijack
  • Graffiti, replace it with Kush
  • Urb, replace it with Mildew or Bender
  • Ecstasy, try Asphyxia or Grifter
  • Purple Haze, try Psychedelic Sister or Rockstar + Gravity
  • Frigid, replace it with Gravity or Evidence
  • Ransom, replace it with Flash
  • Blaze, try Chopper or Half Baked
  • Lounge, try Roach or Roach + Hijack
  • Shag, try Chopper
  • Underground, try Yok or Stary Dog
  • Ruthless, try Suspect or Naked
  • Hot Pants, replace it with Snatch or Scratch + Free Love
  • Cherry, with SWF
  • Stalker, with Grifter
  • El Dorado, with Vanilla or Maui Wowie
  • Honey, with Maui Wowie or Half Baked
  • Uzi, with Polyester Bride
  • Vapor, with Zephyr or Polyester Bride
  • Zero, try Oil Slick or Black Out
  • Perversion, try Oil Slick or Black Out

For the full list that shows each eyeshadow shade next to what they can be replaced with (swatches included) click HERE