REVIEW: KA’OIR Lipsticks

Cost: $14.99 USD
Where can I buy this? Only available online at KA’OIR

I have no idea where I stumbled upon this company so if you’re not familiar with it, let me tell you a little about the company.

KA’OIR is (pronounced KAY-OR) is a new cosmetic line by Keyshia Dior.
They feature Lipsticks, Lip-Pops (lip gloss), Nail Lacquer, tank tops (KA’OIR Kouture), and gift cards (available in $25, $50, and $100).
All lipsticks have a satin/matte finish and can be worn with or without a lipgloss. They have a stunning collection of 24 lipsticks, 16 lip-pops, and 14 nail lacquers.
KA’OIR is not tested on animals.

I placed an order with KA’OIR using the sale that they have constantly going on.
I purchased from their MIX & MATCH 4 for $54 (USD), choosing between lipsticks & lip pops. I really wanted to try their lipsticks (more than anything…lipstick queen!) so I ordered 4 lipsticks:

  • Jamaica: a tropical, bright green;
  • Wifey: a soft pink;
  • Gorgeous: a hot, magenta pink and;
  • Love U: a nude, earthtone

I loved these lipsticks from the moment I received them.
The packaging of the lipstick is awesome because there’s a clear part to the lipstick that you can see the color through. I think all companies should incorporate a little window like this for their lipsticks. It’s just so much easier than memorizing a lipstick name and what shade it is.

I swatched the lipsticks on my hand, first:

Top to Bottom: Wifey, Jamaica, Love U, Gorgeous

And in just one coat, I got amazing color pay off.

Then I tried each one on my lips (I muted out my natural lip color with concealer first):


Love U


I was kind of disappointed in Gorgeous because I expected it to be a really deep pink with purple-ish undertones because that is what their picture depicted. Regardless, it’s still a great color!


These lipsticks have a waxy type texture but are still creamy. They glide on smoothly and are incredibly pigmented.
Shipping is a bit steep (somewhere along the lines of $15.99) so I would definitely order more than one to get your moneys worth.

I’m definitely going to place another order with KA’OIR and this time around, I would love to try their Lip Pops!

  • shannonbearzatto

    Great review – thanks for posting!

    • i♥makeupart

      Thank you for reading! Have you tried KA’OIR lipsticks before?

      • shannonbearzatto

        I haven’t, but this post certainly makes me interested. I’ll have to check and see if they ship to Canada.

        • i♥makeupart

          They definitely do, although shipping is quite costly ($15.99CDN)

        • i♥makeupart

          I found this article today on KA’OIR lipsticks. I think I should bring it to your attention before you make a decision about purchasing these lipsticks:

          I’m in the midst of contacting a KA’OIR rep to figure out what’s going on. If they can divulge any information.
          It does show KA’OIR in a negative light but that does not change my experience or thoughts of this lipstick line.

          • shannonbearzatto

            Thank you so much for the heads up! With shipping being that steep, I would definitely want to purchase several to make it worthwhile. Looks like I need to save some pennies. Not sure I want like $80 in just lipsticks….lol…..okay, maybe I do.

          • i♥makeupart

            If it helps, you can purchase 4 lipsticks for $54 + $15.99 shipping lol

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  • Juliana

    I really love the colors!

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  • http://iheartmakeupart,com carmen

    i did not know about a lawsuit being filed under her,, i ordered some lipstick from her line and have yet to recieve it,,i ordered 3/2/2012….which was a friday,,im thinking maybe its takn longer b/c i did the order after 11:00 pm….i have emailed her company,,several x’s……i was told 5-7 days..some of the reivews i saw,,customers stated they got thiers…within time limit,,,but i am gettn very frustrated,,b/c money was taken out on 3/5..if i do not recieve this week of 19-23..i will be taking further action…i will be reading the article about the lawsuit filed,,thanks for posting it,,first time ordering off line…now i c why i never did,,,

    • i♥makeupart

      I received mine in a timely manner,as well and I’m in Canada.
      Most companies do charge your credit card before the products are shipped out, though.
      Is there any tracking information?
      I hope you receive them soon!

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  • Jenny

    I’m looking to buy some of the lipsticks but I’m afraid of the product never coming to me I checked out some of the review everything looks good expect for one person she never reiceve her product either anyone know if it’s a good idea to have some I know she has a lawsuit on her that makes me corcern

    • i♥makeupart

      When I placed my order, I never had an issue with shipping or receiving the product. I can only speak on my experiences, though!

  • KaOirDoll

    i dunno ANYTHING about the lawsuit BUT her products are great ive been buying from her since january of this yr and i have ALWAYS received my products in a timely fashion. im not sure if ppl ready the shipping info but it clearly states that if you pay for 5-7 business days you’ll receive it 5-7 business days AFTER your order has been processed and the shipping info goes out and that goes for overnight, 1-2, & 3-5 days. OAN her shipping prices are standard im not sure what you paid for but i’ve yet to pay 15.99 for shipping UNLESS you wanted it quickly. nonetheless i have ALL 26 lipsticks, 8 nail lacquers, 2 eyeshadows, and 5 lippops and i couldnt be more statisfied with my product. in fact i order from Ms. KaOir everytime there is a sale going (10-20%). I think she’s honestly one of the hardest working female entrepreneurs out there (my opinion)she’s loyal to her fans and devoted to her customers #KaOirForce

    • i♥makeupart

      Thanks for replying!

      I’m in Canada and shipping to here was $15.99 (not express, just standard ground). I’ve never paid that much for shipping and I buy things from all over the world.
      KA’OIR products are pretty good but again, my only issue was the ridiculous shipping.

  • 1stlady

    As much as I wanted to try this product and recommend it to people I cannot do that. I received track information over 15 days ago and still have not received my order and the tracking information does not work. I have emailed customer service and all they can say is they will replace it. They did not even offer anything for the inconvenience or to overnight it. They just replied that things happen beyond their control. That is understandable but you should inform your customers if there is a back order issue or delay with products before the customer has to complain. At this point I’m wondering if I even want it anymore or just want my money back. If you want this product for a specific reason you might want to order it months in advance as I thought ordering 3 weeks in advance was good enough, jokes on me.

    • i♥makeupart

      I’m really sorry you’re having a terrible experience with KA’OIR! I hope they can resolve this in a professional manner and in a manner that will satisfy you, their customer. Goodluck and keep us updated!

  • laquanda jackson

    I love this lipstick will like to no how i order!???

  • Kelly Shuman

    I ordered the Snookie lipstick Nov 21 2012 its now January 7th and i have yet to receive my order! I have emailed over a dozen times and no one will email me back! I dont even want the lipstick anymore! I will never ever order from this company again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUYERS BEWARE

    • siciliannabeauty

      I’m so sorry this happened to you, Kelly! Have you tried to tweet KA’OIR? They’re pretty active on Twitter! They’re account is @KAOIR_Cosmetics. I really hope this gets resolved for you soon! Good luck <3

  • shawntrece

    I am in love with the vast majority of all of kaoir’s products . I placed an order on the 24th of March n its the 6th n I haven’t received her glitzstick “show off” yet.. I’ve emailed customer service numerous amount of times n all they could tell me pretty much is that it will arrive..n one rep had the audacity to tell me we have no reason to not ship it to me!.. I am unable to track my order with the tracking number given.. I’m really having another outlook on online shopping. Glad u enjoyed ur lipsticks .. Maybe soon I will get to enjoy mines. Who knows….#apissedcustomer

    • siciliannabeauty

      I’m really not sure what’s going on. This isn’t the first time someone has complained about shipping! I’m sorry, I hope you receive your glitzstick soon :(

  • Beverly Dickey

    I have been waiting weeks for $90.00 worth of lipstick from Kai or and its just not business like not really having any tracking information… I am putting in a complaint to the better business….

    • siciliannabeauty

      I feel so bad that all of you are having shipping issues :(

  • beverly dickey

    Beverly Dickey
    Hi my order did arrive a week after I posted I fell in love with the lipsticks and order some every month… They all came in a timely manner until my black Friday order and today is the 17th still haven’t received my product! I have emailed the company several times and still have not received a response!!!!

    • Anna L

      Seems like they were backed up over the holidays! Did you get them yet?


    hi i have placed several orders for delivery to the USA from KAOIR and have not come across an issue yet. i have read comments about delivery issues but it seems that this happened a year or so ago. NOT NOW. I also read part of the fake lawsuit and it was laughable. the quality of the products i have recieved is great. KAOIR is still in business so whatever the issues may have been seem to be resolved.

    • Anna L

      I only ordered the one time but never had any issues!
      Thanks for your comment


    You know that you can get the some lip sticks at the beauty supply store, and the glitter in all the colors from hobby lobby. AND PAY ABOUT 6 DOLLARS!!!!! you get 12 different color cosmetic glitters for 4 dollars. the colored lipsticks are 2 a peace. how smart are you if you spend 50 for something that drag queens been doing for yours.