Lancome “Teint Miracle” Foundation vs. MAC “Matchmaster” Foundation

I started writing a review for Lancome “Teint Miracle” foundation and I kept finding myself comparing it to MAC “Match Master” because they both claim, in one way or another, to match your skin/undertones perfectly through new technologies.


Lancome Teint Miracle

  • $44 CDN
  • Can be purchased at Lancome cosmetic counters, Lancome online, Sephora in-store or online
  • Uses “Aura-Inside” technology that recreates the natural light of perfect skin
  • 18hrs of hydration (I can confirm at least 12hrs)
  • Oil & fragrance-free
  • Contains alcohol
  • 37% water
  • Odor-free
  • Medium coverage with SPF-15
  • Easy to blend, a little goes a long way
  • Light-weight, natural finish
  • Suitable for most, if not all, skin types
  • Reduces redness
  • Heavy glass bottle with pump
  • Available in 16 shades

MAC Matchmaster

  • $39 CDN
  • Can be purchased MAC cosmetic counters, MAC stores or online
  • Uses translucent pigments to match skin undertones
  • Medium buildable coverage with SPF 15
  • No alcohol, as far as I can tell
  • Slight odor
  • Demi-matte finish
  • Powdery consistency which makes layering other products difficult
  • Suitable for normal, oily, or combo skin (not moisturizing enough for dry types)
  • Not easily blended
  • Glass bottle with pump
  • Available in 14 shades

After careful and constant testing, I prefer Lancome “Teint Miracle” foundation.
It has better staying power than “Match Master”, it has no odor, it’s more moisturizing, and has better coverage.
When wearing “Teint Miracle”, my skin feels naked and looks glowy rather than heavy and dull. It is so easy to blend and you’ll only need to apply one layer to get medium coverage. It has a thin, light, silky consistency. I get small red spots along my jawline because I’m constantly on the phone and “Teint Miracle” covered them completely. With “Match Master”, I need to cover them first with green concealer (to neutralize the red), then cover the green concealer with a concealer that matches my skin, and then apply “Match Master”, in order to make them invisible.
With “Match Master”, I need two layers to get a decent coverage but the more layers you apply, the more difficult it is to blend especially layering products on top.
Layering products over “Teint Miracle” is easy and just looks better over the natural finish. I’ve heard that “Match Master” has better matches but “Teint Miracle” in Bisque 6W looks better and more natural on my skin than “Match Master” 4.o.
Both foundations are in the same price range but I’d rather spend the extra $5 on Lancome “Teint Miracle”. I feel you get better bang for your buck.